College Counseling Team

Rebecca Trajtenberg

Director of College Counseling


Rebecca has been a college admission professional for over 19 years. She worked as a college admissions officer in New York before moving to the admission staff at Franklin & Marshall College. After several years on the college side, she wanted the opportunity to interact more directly with students as they navigate the college admission process. Having graduated from a Jewish day school, she was thrilled to join our college counseling team in 2009. Rebecca became our Director of College Counseling in 2014 and is committed to forging strong connections with students and parents and helping them find the right path forward after Barrack.  

Rebecca regularly attends national conferences to stay current on admission trends as well as to maintain and expand her relationships with deans of admission and admission officers nationwide. She also visits colleges across the country to get a first-hand sense of their campus atmosphere, meeting with admission officers to promote their understanding of our rigorous academic program and strong community.

Rebecca earned a B.A. from Muhlenberg College and an M.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Pandian

Associate Director of College Counseling


Elizabeth joined us in 2017 after 15 years as an admission officer at Swarthmore College, Pomona College, and Haverford College, where she served as Senior Associate Director of Admission. Her years on the college side gave her the opportunity to conduct hundreds of interviews and read thousands of applications, and she uses that experience to help our students present their best selves. She appreciates the opportunity to work with our scholars more closely as they explore schools where they'll be challenged and thrive.

Elizabeth has earned a B.A. from Swarthmore College.

Our goal is to help our students through a process of self-discovery so that they can identify what they want out of college and then create a list of options that match their goals, passions, and needs.Rebecca Trajtenberg, Director of College Counseling