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Barrack Institutes

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The Barrack Institutes provide upper school students the opportunity to pursue areas of interest with a focus on learning, skill development, and real-world applications.

Beginning in their 9th grade year, students can choose the Institute that is of most interest to them. Students will focus on this area for at least two years with the option to continue Institute classes through graduation.

Students across all grades in each Institute participate in classes, hear from speakers, and attend field trips connected to their overall topic areas culminating in a capstone project.

Students who pursue four years in an Institute will be awarded a certificate upon graduation, while others will fulfill additional credits via electives. In place of or in addition to an Institute, students also have the option to take Spanish.

The STEAM Institute is a sophisticated project-based learning program where students engage in design thinking and hands-on experimentation. Incorporating STEM fields, including computer science and engineering, as well as art and design, the STEAM Institute encourages students to think outside the box, take chances, manage setbacks, and be part of a successful team that brings an idea from concept to prototype. Students have the opportunity to present their research at local science fairs and events.

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The Business and Entrepreneurship Institute provides students with a concrete understanding of areas such as economics, budgeting, strategy development, and marketing. Students in this unique program establish foundations within the business and entrepreneurship fields, blending hands-on experience with classroom learning and developing skills in presentation, organization, writing, collaboration, and flexible thinking. In addition to classroom learning, students have the opportunity to participate in competitions including DECA and bring individual projects to life while gaining experience in a range of industries including marketing, finance, and business management.

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The Art Institute introduces students to the fundamentals of various art mediums and concepts, developing a range of formal techniques while building confidence toward personal expression. Foundational classes in areas such as painting, drawing, and ceramics expose students to color, perspective, design, and shape. Specialized courses will allow students to deepen their artistic exploration in an area of particular interest. Students who continue through junior and senior year will have the opportunity to develop an art portfolio showcasing their finished projects. Art Institute participants also hear from guest lecturers and attend unique trips that take advantage of the dynamic art scene in Philadelphia.

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