We understand that students learn and process information differently. In our Resource Center, we prepare those with various learning differences to develop the skills and strengths they need to be independent and successful at Barrack and beyond.

Our instructional methods and strategies are tailored to fit individual needs, and our groups are customized to ensure a relevant, meaningful educational experience.

Within structured small-group settings, our students build on strengths, develop confidence, and enhance skills. Under the guidance of expert education specialists, they focus on organizational, reading, writing, time management, and study skills using the content and materials covered inside the classroom. 

Resource educator Matt Dorsch '05 with students around table

Skill support for students

  • Teaching organizational/executive functioning
  • Imparting time management
  • Modeling study skills and techniques
  • Offering guidance with research techniques
  • Providing general curriculum support
  • Practicing reading and writing
  • Promoting self-advocacy
  • Encouraging motivation and self-confidence 

Support for teachers

  • Collaborating to set curricular goals
  • Arranging conferences with teachers on a regular basis
  • Meeting regularly with middle school and upper school education teams
  • Providing in-service support for faculty
  • Assisting teachers with modifying assessments, content, and material
  • Helping teachers to create and implement classroom accommodations

Collaboration with student support teams

  • Reviewing student mivrakim (progress emails)
  • Functioning as a liaison to outside support personnel and parents
  • Attending staff and teacher meetings
  • Working with parents to integrate accommodations at home and in school
  • Assisting with understanding of assignments
  • Helping to prioritize and manage homework and in-school work