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Jack M. Barrack Academy is a pluralistic 6-12 school preparing the next generation of Jewish leaders. Students at Barrack benefit from small classes, involved faculty, a supportive advisory system, and strong connections to their fellow classmates. Our teachers are a team of devoted educators who nurture each student’s abilities and inspire students to become ethical, wise, and responsible Jewish adults through academic excellence and a commitment to Jewish values.

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Our challenging dual curriculum combines in-depth critical analysis, experiential learning, and a focus on building a better world. Students benefit from small classes, a supportive advisory system, and strong connections to their fellow classmates. By focusing on the cultivation of the whole child, students grow academically, personally, and spiritually while gaining the confidence and skills to meet the challenges ahead. Students graduate ready for higher learning and prepared to make a difference in the world.


Middle School

The Robert Saligman Middle School of Barrack Hebrew Academy offers students the chance to build self-confidence, navigate greater independence, and learn how to learn within a dynamic, nurturing environment.

A team of middle school educators guides and inspires our students to develop the intellectual and emotional skills to build character, advocate for themselves, set priorities, and solve problems. Regularly interacting with our high-schoolers, our younger students have the opportunity to emulate role models who challenge and guide them.

With a strong academic curriculum guided by Jewish values and tradition, students are able to develop the organizational, critical thinking, and study skills that will prepare them for a seamless transition to high school.  

Upper School

In a rigorous dual curriculum that includes both in-depth college preparatory and extensive Jewish studies components, students in the Upper School become independent, curious, open minded thinkers. While mastering the content and skills of each academic discipline, each student develops an aptitude for critical analysis and a strong work ethic. Faced with the challenges of the 21st Century, Barrack students become proficient in oral, written, and technological communication to complement their academic and spiritual development. 

Through formal and informal interactions with our middle schoolers, our older students have the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and assume positions of leadership. The academic and personal growth fostered at Barrack helps create well-rounded adults who value education and their Jewish identity. Our graduates translate their Barrack experience into understanding, commitment, and action in the Jewish community, the United States, Israel and the world at large.