Welcome from Head of School

Portrait of Rabbi Marshall Lesack
Dear Friends,
At Barrack, we are truly a family of dedicated teachers, students, parents, community members, and alumni. As a pluralistic school, we are dedicated to providing a challenging and inspiring education for our students, integrating humanities, the sciences, and Jewish studies in a post-denominational and nurturing setting. We are a school that emphasizes the importance of building a diverse and inclusive community where all students are valued and welcomed.

In September 1946, our school, then known as Akiba Hebrew Academy, opened its doors as the first pluralistic Jewish secondary day school in the country, a place where students experienced learning as a process of problem solving and self-discovery. Today, we continue to encourage our students to become critical and creative thinkers, understanding that questions are more important than answers in their journey of intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth.

Forging strong ties with Israel is another hallmark of a Barrack education. Our 8th graders spend almost two weeks on an interdisciplinary, fun-filled Israel experience. Our 11th graders have a unique opportunity to spend their first trimester studying abroad at the Alexander Muss High School outside of Tel Aviv. They return with a lifelong commitment to Israel and pride in their heritage.

This website is a virtual window into our world where you can sample the forces that shape the future of Barrack students. Our graduates are prepared for life, ready to tackle the challenges of a complex society and to make a positive difference in the world.

Whether you are new to us or an old friend, I encourage you to visit Barrack in person and see for yourself how we inspire so many students in the tri-state Delaware Valley region and why so many families are proud to call Barrack home.

Rabbi Marshall Lesack
Head of School