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Welcome from Head of School

Rabbi Marshall Lesack

      Rabbi Marshall Lesack '97

As I share openly and frequently with my teams, the work we do is עבודת קודש/avodat kodesh/holy work. We are blessed with the opportunity to inspire, mentor, teach, and guide young people of all ages during an immensely important time period in their development. As partners with our parents, we are thankful for your trust in us to engage in this holy work.


An outstanding Jewish day school is built on three essential pillars: 
  • Academic excellence
  • Social-emotional well-being
  • Jewish learning, identity-building, and spiritual development

Each of these areas is important on its own, but with a focus on them as a unit, we have the power to shape and mold individuals into well-rounded, balanced, knowledgeable, capable, open-minded individuals who are confident in who they are and ready to journey on to life’s next adventure when they graduate. Coupled with these pillars is an important focus on the time spent out of the classroom in co-curricular activities including clubs, athletics, drama, and other areas, where students can explore their passions, develop friendships, and find meaningful ways to contribute to the community.   

At the foundation of these three essential pillars, and what sets the tone for everything that we wish to do and wish to achieve, is a core commitment to creating an environment in which young people are happy. While contentment is not easily measured through a test or a paper, I believe that it is in a joyful environment where students learn best, and thrive academically, socially and spiritually. This environment of smiles, an environment full of positive interactions with students and faculty, is one in which there is the understanding that at the start and end of every day we must ask ourselves, “Is this what is best for our students?” 


Complementing the pillars I mentioned above are four concepts that also impact my thinking on education and on school in particular: 

A school that is able to live these ideals will be able to inspire others around its mission, create a chance for long-term success and model for its children what a vibrant Jewish community can look like. 

Our school has been a leader in creating a unique and dynamic learning environment for 76 years, and I am eager to continue making the learning and the Jewish experience that much more powerful as we plan for the future. 


Rabbi Marshall Lesack '97
Head of School

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