The 3Cs of Middle School: Care, Consistency, and Community

Dear Middle School Families,

This month I want to focus on the three Cs of Middle School - care, consistency and community. Our middle schoolers thrive in an environment where teachers, students and parents care, they understand the consistent guidelines of our school and they feel a part of the community. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the three Cs.

We are grateful for the care and support you shower on your children as they navigate the middle school experience. I am also thankful for the care of our dedicated team of teachers. Our teachers devote time, energy and creativity each day to engage our students in class where they are learning how to learn, they are  improving their academic skills and they are challenged to be their best selves. We find that our students have a greater level of success when they have positive relationships with their teachers. Students feel valued and respected when they realize just how much our teachers care about, not just their academic success, but their growth as students who demonstrate a true understanding of our values as a school. And I am heartened each day by the care I see our students demonstrate to their classmates, their teachers and to me.

Consistency provides our students with a sense of security and fairness. Each of our students, teachers and families acknowledged reading our Barrack Handbook. Our clear guidelines and rules, outlined in our handbook, hold our students accountable. We appreciate your support as we guide our students and help them to understand the importance of consistently following the rules so that we can all feel respected and safe. We have created a set of expectations around our Derech Eretz values that can be found here. Whether our students are in class, on the turf field or attending a class trip, we encourage our students to be mindful of our four values of kindness, honor, courage and community. 

When there is a sense of care and consistency, our community thrives. Barrack is a wonderfully warm and welcoming community. Students across grade levels participated this fall in our SA Carnival and Club Fair, we took Chesed trips during Sukkot and for Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  we have had some wonderful assemblies for our students too, along with a middle school wide shabbaton and our recent SpeakUp program. Our middle school community will take part in events for Cancer Prevention Month in February. Look for information about this in the Tuesday Tachlis. These all school gatherings and programs provide time for students to be together beyond the classroom experience. Each of us at Barrack have a responsibility to support our community and be a positive part of who we are as a school. 

Thanks for traveling with us on the middle school journey!