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Kol Barrack: Rosh Shevat

Rabbi Judd Kruger Levingston, Ph.D., Director of Jewish Studies, shares his thoughts about the month of Shevat and adds his perspective on the New Year for Trees.

Photo of Rabbi Steven Razin with blue border on white background

As the month of Tevet begins, Jewish Studies Teacher Rabbi Steven Razin shares his thoughts on the value of fasting in Judaism.

Photo of Meryl Sussman with Kol Barrack logo on white background

Meryl Sussman, Director of Israel Education, Experiences & Special Projects, reflects on the important and uplifting events in Jewish and modern Israeli history that have occurred during the darkest time of the year — in November (and Kislev). Click HERE to read more.

Kol Barrack: Rosh Heshvan

Rabbi Akiva Weiss, Director of Jewish Life, reflects on the joy of Tishrei and the opportunities that Heshvan brings—to start the new year with momentum. Click HERE to read more.