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Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy is a pluralistic Jewish day school for students in grades six through twelve from a broad variety of backgrounds. The school integrates a comprehensive and rigorous college preparatory curriculum with the teaching of essential Jewish and American values and texts. Barrack graduates value diversity, celebrate the richness of Judaism's language, culture, and history, and have a strong connection to Israel. Barrack prepares future leaders of the American, Jewish, and global communities who work for a better world through acts of justice and compassion.

Philosophy and Vision

As the nation’s first pluralistic Jewish secondary day school, we’re grounded in our past. The notion of pluralism goes beyond a simple embracing of multiple streams of Jewish thought and practice. Here, pluralism means strengthening every student’s Jewish identification without forcing acceptance of one interpretation.

Three students in goggles holding a beaker

While we’re proud of our heterogeneous student body and faculty, diversity alone doesn’t create a pluralistic environment. That is possible only when we engage energetically, intentionally, and consciously with diversity. Genuine pluralism goes beyond tolerance to an active seeking of understanding through meaningful, respectful dialogue.

We want our graduates to know who they are and how they can contribute to making life better close to home and around the world. Our alumni value diversity and communicate with others about important topics in vigorous, respectful ways. They celebrate the richness of Judaism's language, culture, and history and develop strong connections to Israel. And they are fully prepared to take on challenges, to better the world and lead lives of significance. 

My Barrack education gave me a secure sense of identity with a wide spectrum of beliefs and attitudes. I emerged eager to lead and to embrace the world at large.

Akiba, Barrack Alumnus