Derech Eretz Values

Smiling students in front of Derech Eretz Banners


Honor. Courage. Kindness. Community.

דרך ארץ

For us, these four core values lie at the heart of what our school is all about. They provide the foundation for our communal Derech Eretz/דרך ארץ pledge, connecting our students and faculty to each other and to a higher purpose.

As members of the Barrack kehillah (community)/קהילה, our students and faculty pledge to uphold the highest levels of Derech Eretz/דרך ארץ in keeping with our school’s four values:

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רבי אלעזר בן עזריה אומר, אם אין תורה, אין דרך ארץ; אם אין דרך ארץ, אין תורה

Rabbi Elazar ben-Azaria teaches in Pirkei Avot, "Without the study of Torah, there can be no Derech Eretz; without Derech Eretz, there can be no Torah.”