Hybrid Model

As of Monday, October 12th, we will operate our school under the Full Hybrid Model of education. 
The plan allows: 
  • Middle and Upper School students to be on campus on alternate weeks.
    • Middle School students during Aleph (A) weeks
    • Upper School students during Bet (B) weeks
  • Maximal use of our outdoor tents and spaces, weather permitting. 
  • Designated indoor spaces that have been reconfigured in consultation with architects, allowing for 6 foot distancing.
The on-campus class blocks will be 40 minutes (Monday through Thursday) and 40 minutes (on Friday), while online class blocks will be 40 minutes (Monday through Friday) allowing for more flexibility, including creative use of teacher-student time, time for peer learning groups in class, and blending of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Class times can be found HERE.
With the creative use of tents and strategic solutions inside our buildings, we are able to deliver state-of-the art Barrack education while maintaining 6-foot distancing. When inclement weather occurs, we will efficiently transition our students and staff indoors.

Hybrid Schedule — November 6 through January 8 


Social & Emotional Wellness

Our schedule accounts for Barrack’s academic rigor as well as community time — advisory, grade meeting, kehillah, clubs and publications. Providing community programming in appropriately authentic ways, our shacharit program will continue online. We will transition Jewish Life programming to take place in small groups and maximize moments for spiritual reflection. 

We remain ever cognizant of the social-emotional needs of students and families, as well as the academic expectations of a stellar college preparatory program. We will remain flexible, always re-evaluating our approaches to teaching, the timing of our classes, and the needs of our teachers, students, and families.


Educational Innovation & Support 

This summer, Barrack educators have engaged in focused professional development on best practices, utilizing a core group of online learning apps/platforms across the MS and US. Teachers have rethought and redesigned assessment types and methods used to best gauge learning in an online, “blended” environment, allowing for flexibility and accounting for the mental and emotional health of students. Teachers will incorporate the latest online teaching tools into their already excellent methodology. They partake in continuous professional development both within and between departments. Faculty are also working in close collaboration with our technology team to remain updated on the latest and best educational tools and practices.

Teachers will be available for individual conferencing with students, through both videoconferencing and email. The writing and math centers will continue to provide regularly scheduled drop-in sessions.

Community Responsibility

Every member of our community must do their part in observing appropriate risk mitigation precautions. Before returning to school, each parent, student and staff member will be required to sign:

Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy Front of Building

Health & Hygiene Highlights

  • A well-fitting mask must be worn by everyone while on campus.
  • No students or employees may come to campus if they are exhibiting symptoms of an illness. Daily health assessment instructions available here.
  • Students and staff will maintain 6-foot distancing.
  • Only students, faculty and staff may enter the building. There will be no outside visitors allowed on campus or in the buildings.
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged.
  • Hands-free sanitization stations will be placed throughout the buildings and outdoor spaces.   

COVID-19 Medical Protocol

photo of male student in %22Barrack Strong%22 mask