About Us

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Our modern approach to education is steeped in history as the nation’s first pluralistic Jewish secondary day school.


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From our start as Akiba Hebrew Academy in 1946 to today, we have been teaching students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers by integrating a comprehensive and rigorous college preparatory curriculum with the teaching of essential Jewish and American values and texts.



At Barrack, our challenging, inspiring education integrates humanities, sciences, and Jewish studies in a nurturing setting. We’re committed to building a diverse, inclusive community that values and embraces all students.

Barrack graduates value diversity; celebrate the richness of Judaism's language, culture, and history; and have a strong connection to Israel. At Barrack, we show students how questions are as important as answers along the path to intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

We offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum enhanced by the teaching of Jewish texts and history. Our students are supported by small classes and individualized educational programming. They learn to ask key questions and problem-solve as they gain the critical thinking, time management, and self-advocacy skills that enable them to succeed wherever they go.

As members of their class, school, and larger Jewish community, students develop a lifelong appreciation of learning, an understanding of their place in history, and a passion to reach their potential.

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Jewish Community and Values

Jewish community and values

Our students thrive in our warm, inclusive environment where holidays come to life and timeless Jewish values are central to everything we do.

From showing respect and seeking understanding to being thoughtful towards each other and advocating for causes, our students are guided by our Derech Eretz/דרך ארץ values and a strong moral compass.

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Inspiring Educators

inspiring educators

Our teachers are truly devoted to the growth and development of students as individuals and as scholars. Serving as advocates and mentors, they help students build personal strengths and navigate academic and social challenges. Our alumni often credit their success to the engaged, caring educators and advisors who are central to their Barrack experience.

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Meaningful Learning

meaningful learning

Learning extends beyond the classroom as students discover and nurture their emerging passions and talents. Through our sports teams, arts studio, clubs, theatre program, and student government, our students are encouraged to expand their horizons, express themselves creatively, and develop collaboration and leadership skills.

Discussion, project-based learning, and independent research are integral to a Barrack education. Engaging assemblies, special programs, and cultural exchange—including a signature junior year trimester in Israel—enrich student life and broaden our students’ world view.