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Barrack Welcomes Echad Ha'am Stud

Students and faculty members from Echad Ha'am High School in Petach Tikva, Israel landed at Philadelphia International Airport this morning and were greeted by Dr. Sigal Strauss. Our guests will join our school community for ceremonies, events and presentations highlighting Barrack's Yom Hazikaron ceremonies and Yom Ha'azmaut celebrations set for Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26, respectively. They will also enjoy home hospitality from April 20-29.

Israel Remembrance Day ceremonies next Wednesday will include traditions established by Israelis: a dress code of white tops and dark pants or skirts, a solemn code of conduct, the sound of a memorial siren and the lowering of the Israeli flag. Barrack and Echad Ha'am students will sing two songs and join the school community in viewing the moving documentary, The Green Kippah. The documentary tells the story of three Northern Americans who lost their lives on Israeli soil due to war or acts of terrorism. One of the fallen is Michael Levy, a young American-Israeli soldier from Bucks County. His parents, Harriet and Mark Levin, will say Kaddish in memory of their son.

Moving from sadness to joy,

Barrack and Echad Ha'am students will lead the school community in cheerful festivities, celebrating Israel Independence Day. The Honorable Daniel Kutner, the Israel Consul General of Philadelphia,

and his wife, Dr. Shirley Kutner, will participate in the festivities. An inaugural Torch Ceremony, similar to the one in Israel that marks the transition from Remembrance Day to Independence Day and honors 12 Israeli citizens, will launch Barrack celebrations.

Twelve members of the school and Jewish community at large, who have contributed to Israel's vibrancy at home and abroad, were selected to light the 12 torches at Barrack. The torches symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. Students and faculty, wearing special Yon Ha'azmaut t-shirts designed by Barrack sophomore, Anne Prusky, will also participate. Additional events include a performance of Israeli song and dance by the Echad Ha'am students, followed by outdoor events on campus that feature Israeli food, music, folk dancing, sports, face painting, a Bedouin tent and more.

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